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Our Pedigrees
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On occasion, we have been invited by Local Television Networks to speak out against puppy mills. Providing tips on how to avoid buying from back yard breeders and puppy mills, as well as the risks of buying a puppy from pet stores and flea markets.


We currently run private lessons. Dobermans Only Please. Our classes are for people who enjoy Dobermans and want a well-mannered family pet. We also offer help to people who are having behavioural challenges with their Dobe.

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Always CKC Registered, Health Tested and Veterinary Certified. Our Guarantee is Exceptional. 


We have been located near the Town of Tottenham since 1971 and CKC Reg'd since 1976. We also plan to stay here at least another 40-50 years. We encourage you and your new puppy to come for visits as often as you wish


You will receive a 100 page Complete Doberman Pinscher Owners & Training Manual with every puppy. Helping you on the way in training, to have beautiful well mannered Doberman.


Getting a puppy's ears to stand properly requires time and commitment on the part of the new owner. If any problems arise it is best to contact us for advice. You are welcome to come back to us for any or all taping requirements.


Always remember this one thing; if the pups ears fall after removal of tape, make sure clean dry and put them right back up the same day. Never let your puppy sleep on un-taped ears.


Our dogs pedigree

Tia (CZ)    (3rd of August 2009)

Kitana of Stray’s Halit Pasa (CZ)..Jezibaba Halit Pasa (CZ)

                                                      Batler De Grande Vinco (IT)

Mika (28th of April 2007)

Karena Mikka of Strays  ……….Schulen Hous Jazenna Madiano

                                                       Schulens Raider Zamolxis

Dessi   (15th of September 2005)

Sansulen Marienburg Dessi………Schulen Hous Crystal Just Ice

                                                        Showtime Playboy By Jadar (USA)

Zenna    (2nd of January 2005)

Schulen Haus Jazenna Madiano….Schulens Whirwind Devon

                                                        Hogan Del Madiano (HGY)

Radar  (9th of August 2003)

Schulens Raider Zamolxis……….Schulens Blue Jet

                                                       Bristol Zamolxis (ROM)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Names in thick blue is imported dog and always International or European and country of origin champion. Very famous for health, performance and beauty.

Second, third and fourth generation breeding lines-Andromeda(RUS), Golden Diamond(CZ), Norden Stamm(LOI), DeVilla Conte(IT), Franckenhorst(G), Bohemia Gotika(CZ),Villa De Cassa, Del Citone, De Grande Vinco, and more. (All breeding lines above are famous and well-known also International champions or European and country of origin in different years)

Lines Marienburg, Madiano, Zamolxis, Royal Bell, Norden Stamm, DeGrande Vinco are very well known and International Champions for years and it is prestige to have animal related to this breeding lines.

Calling name of our dogs, do not always represent registered name.

Understanding Pedigrees  

Pedigree Abbreviations

American (AKC/CKC) and European pedigree abbreviations differ greatly which can make it difficult to read and understand a pedigree for a dog which you are considering. The following listing of AKC/CKC and European abbreviations and definitions should make your job in deciphering one a little easier.

Conformation (Show) Titles
These titles appear on a pedigree as a prefix (before a dog's name)

CH Champion, BIS Best In Show, Sel Select rating awarded at the annual GSDCA Specialty, GV Grand Victor (Dog) and Grand Victrix (Bitch) either BOB (Best of Breed) or BOS (Best of Show) at the GSDCA annual National Specialty, AOM Award of Merit, CT Tracking Champion or Champion Tracker, FV Futurity Victor or Victrix at US National Specialty, MV Maturity Victor or Victrix at US national specialty, BIF/BOF Best in Futurity or Best of Opposite Sex in Futurity at one of the nine US regional specialties, BIM/BOM Best in Maturity or Best of Opposite Sex in Maturity at one of the nine US regional specialties.

Working Titles
These titles appear on pedigrees after a dog's name

Obedience Titles
Canine Good Citizen, CD Companion Dog, CDX Companion Dog Excellent, UD Utility Dog, UDX Utility Dog Excellent, OTCH Obedience Trial Champion (this title is placed in front of the dog's name), WAC (Working Aptitude Certificate): Doberman Pinscher Club of America certifying that the dog has passed a test consisting of several situations including reaction to peculiar and threatening stranger, changes in footing, crowds of people etc.

Tracking Titles
TD Tracking Dog, TDX Tracking Dog Excellent VST Variable Surface Tracker, CT Champion Tracker (appears before dogs name), TC Temperament Certified, TT Temperament Tested

Agility Titles
NA: Novice Agility, OA Open Agility, AX Agility Excellent, MX Master Agility Excellent

Health Certifications and Other Awards or Titles
These appear on pedigrees after a dog's name.

OFA: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals: A non-profit registry which issues "arms length" certification on various health concerns including but not limited to Orthopedics.
VWD (Clear, Carrier, Affected): von Willebrand’s Disease
CERF: Canine Eye Registration Foundation
ROM: Register of Merit: Title awarded to the sire or dam for the accomplishments of its progeny.
AOE: Award of Excellence - Qualifications, dog must: 1) be a champion; 2) received a select rating at a GSDCA national show; 3) OFA certified hips & elbows; 4) have earned a performance degree, such as obedience, tracking, agility, etc.
ROMC: Canadian equivalent of the ROM TDI Therapy Dog International

European Terms to know:

How well the dog meets the ideal characteristics of the perfect Doberman.

Korung test is used in Germany to set standards for Dobermans. They test character performance, and anatomical characteristics for maintaining and improving the breed. Dogs must be at least 2 years old, have SchH1 or IPO 1. Proof of AD (Endurance) test, OFA evaluation of hips and have a show rating of at least good (SG). KKL 1 or KKL 2 Ratings are given with KKL 1 being the highest rating.

Schutzhund tests three specific areas of a dog's training and behavior. The first, tracking, requires the dog to track footsteps over mixed terrain, change direction and show absolute accuracy and commitment to finding the track. It must also find dropped articles and indicate their locations to the handler. Often this is done under less than ideal circumstances with difficult cover, bad weather conditions and an aged track. Many find tracking to be the most satisfying experience in training, when only the handler and dog are working together. It is certainly the most peaceful part of Schutzhund.

The second phase is obedience. There is heeling, both on and off lead. The sit, down and stand are also done, except when the dog is moving. The handler and dog work on a soccer sized trial field. Some exercises require the dog to work under the noise of a firing gun. In addition to the normal dumbbell retrieval, the dog must retrieve over a one meter high wall and a six foot jump. Down stays and a long send away conclude the test.

The final test is the most misunderstood by the general public. This is protection training. The most important point to understand when watching a protection routine is the relationship between dog and handler. The dog must never bite the trial helper unless either the dog or the handler is attacked. Then it must attack fully and without hesitation. But here the real difference becomes apparent. The dog must stop biting on the command of the handler and guard the trial helper without further aggression. Often people confuse Schutzhund protection training with police dog or personal protection work. The Schutzhund dog is capable of the feats of never being aggressive except under those specific situations it is trained to face, and even then it must always be under the absolute control of the handler.

When a dog successfully completes the first trial, it is awarded a title of Schutzhund I. It can then progress to Schutzhund II and, the ultimate, Schutzhund III. Each level makes ever greater demands on the dog and training in all three areas. Any Schutzhunder will tell you that a high scoring Schutzhund III dog is the ultimate working dog: one in a thousand of all working dogs.

Sieger: (Sehr Gut-very good) The SG rating is the highest offered in young dog competitions, 12-18 month and 18-24 month age groups.

European Pedigree Designations:

AD: Endurance test
AX: Agility excellence: A title conferred on dogs for qualifying the requisite number of times In the agility Excellent class at AKC agility trials.
Angekoert: Awarded to a dog which has passed a Korung conformation test.
B or BH: This is a requirement for Schutzhund or Tracking. The dogs perform several obedience exercises and show that they have good temperament around other dogs and people while under intensely distracting conditions.
BFL: Bred for longevity.
BISS CH: At a specialty show, the only dog left undefeated at the end of all judging on that day.
BIS CH: At a all-breed show, the only dog left undefeated at the end of all judging on that day.
BdSg (Bundessieger): A very prestigious title awarded in Europe to the winner of a important conformation competition.
CAC: Certificato di Attitudine Campionato. Italian certificate of achievement in conformation. Several are required to obtain the championship (CH) title.
CACIB: Certificato di Attitudine al Campionato Internazionale di Belleza. The international level of CAC.
CH: Champion.
CD: Companion dog.
CDX: Companion dog excellence.
CGC: Canine Good Citizen
CT: Champion Tracker.
DVSG (Dobermann Verein Sieger): German Dobermann Club winner. A dog which has defeated all other entries at a Dobermann-only conformation show in Germany.
Euro-CH: European Champion
EuroSg (Europa Sieger): A dog which has won over all other entries at a large Europe-wide conformation show.
FH (Fartenhund): The title awarded at a Schutzhund Trial to a dog successfully performing advanced tracking exercises.
Dut-CH: Dutch Champion
Ger-CH: German Champion.
IDC-SGR (International Dobermann Club Sieger): A dog which has beaten each of the other entries at an International Dobermann Club conformation show.
IPO I, II, III: (International Prufungsordnung): Equivalent to the Schutzhund series and awarded to dogs successfully competing in the Tracking, Obedience and Protection phases of the event. Three levels of difficulty are offered, with III being the highest.
Int’l CH (International Champion): Awarded to dogs which have completed and earned championship certificates under several European judges at international conformation shows.
KKL I and II (Korklasse I and II): Highest level and the most prestigious conformation title awarded in Europe to dogs which meet strict conformation and temperament tests along with other requirements.
LC: Longevity Certificate
NOR-CH: Norwegian Champion.
MAD: Master Agility Dog
MX: Master Agility Excellent
OFA: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
*OTCH: Obedience Trial Champion. AKC title indicating that the dog has attained the highest title in obedience competition as well as having continued to compete until accumulating 100 points by placing first or second at obedience trials.
SWED-CH: Swedish Champion.
TD: Tracking dog.
UD: Utility dog
UDC: United Doberman Club
UDX: Utility Dog Excellence
UDTD: Utility dog and Tracking dog.
UDTDX: Utility dog and Tracking dog Excellent
UDXTDX: Utility dog Excellent and Tracking dog Excellent.
V-Rated: (Vorzuglich Rated): Highest rating awarded to dogs in the conformation evaluation at European or international shows.
V-1: Received the highest Vorzuglich conformation rating and placed first in his class.
V-B (Verkehrssicherer Begleithund): Similar to BH with more demanding Traffic sureness and requirements.
VDH-CH (Verein des Deutschen Hundewesens Champion): The championship awarded by the German All Breed Kennel Club.
VDH-SGR (Verein des Deutschen Hundewesens Sieger): The dog placed above all other entries at a German Kennel Club All Breed conformation show.
WELT-SGR (Welt Sieger): Winner of highest honors at a world-wide, all-breed conformation show.
ZVA: Has passed the korung “for life”. It is taken once at the age of 3 then again at the age of 5. If the dog passes both times, it earns the ZVA.

The information Above is authored by 


Dober Vision


Attention please

If you know of any Dobermans currently in a shelter please take a moment to let us know. 1-905-880-1777 or 416-562-5019


Support Doberman Rescue of Ontario depends on your support for our rescue to exist. Without your help and support we would not be able to help find them a new loving home. 


Doberman Rescue is able to provide this invaluable service to the Central Ontario, all thanks to local volunteers and support from the public and local businesses.


Before purchasing a new puppy, you should consider adopting a rescue. Rescues for the most part can make great pets without the puppy stages.

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