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Application for Prospective Puppy Owners


Name of aplicant:_________________________________________________________

Address:__________________________________________City:___________________ Province:_____ Postal code:_______________

Home #:(____)______________ WK#:(____)___________ Cell#:(____)_____________

E-mail Address:______________________________

What gender of puppy is desired?______________ Preferred colour?_________________

Would you like to have the puppies ears left natural or cropped? Style(long, medium, short)_____________________

Why did you choose the Doberman Breed?____________________________________________________________

Which (if any) of the following do you intend to do with your dog:

Pet - Conformation - Obedience Classes - Competitive Obedience Breeding Agility Schutzhund Other. ____________. Why?_______________________________________________________________________

What characteristics and qualities are you looking for in Doberman? _____________________________________________________________________________

Do you believe socialization of your Doberman is important? How will you accomplish it?      _____________________________________________________________________________


Have you owned Dobermans before? (Y)(N) Still own? (Y)(N) If not, how died?_______________ What age?________

Please tell us of the dogs or any other pets you have owned in the last 10 years. Do you still own them, they are deceased or have been re-homed. Please state age and cause of death and age of re-homing if these apply:     _________________________________________________________________________

Do you have more than one dog in your household? (Y) (N) If yes, how many?____Breeds?______________________ Sex (M) (F) (neutered)______________Where were they from/___________________________________________

What kind of relationship did you have with their breeders and may I contact them?____________________________                      __________________________________________________________________________  

How many people & Family members live in your household and ages?______________________________________    

Do you have children? How many and how old are they?_________________________________________________   

Someone home during the day? (Y) (N) How much time would puppy be alone?_______________________________

Where will your puppy spend most of its time?_________________________________________________________

Where will your adult Doberman spend most of its time?_________________________________________________

When you are at work or out for the day, where will your Doberman be kept?_________________________________ other?___________________________________________________________________

Do you have a plan for puppy when you have to travel?__________________________________________________

What is the mood of the home generally ... busy, sedate, active, other _______________

How much time will you and family members spend with your puppy?________________

Where will the puppy live?__________________________________________________

What kind of feeding plans you have for puppy__________________________________

Where will your puppy/adult dog go pee and poo?_______________________________

Do you have fenced yard? (Y)(N) How high is fence?________ If no fence, will you provide one?(Y)(N)____________  If you do not have a fence, how do you plan to contain your Doberman?_ ____________________________________

Do you mind me coming over to your place? (Y)(N)Are there any reasons in which you would need to sell or re-home your Doberman?_____________________________________________________________________

Do you plan to spay/neuter your Doberman before nine months? ___________________

Are you wishing to breed your Strays Registered Doberman at some point?___________

Current Veterinarian:_____________________________Address_______________________________

Phone: (____)_____________________

A deposit in the amount of $300 is required to reserve a Strays Registered Doberman puppy.

DATED:_____________Signature of Applicant:________________________________________________________

Fax to 905-880-1747 or mail to Strays Farm Registered Dobermans, Box 1140 Tottenham Ontario, Canada. L0G1W0

E-mail:   Questions or info, 905-880-1777

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