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***We produce perfectly healthy puppies, from healthy parents with a great euro bloodline. ***All our puppies are vet checked and born from health-tested parents, out of European bloodlines. ***Every litter is carefully planned to produce beautiful Dobermans with great temperaments. ***We strive for the very best health and longevity in our dogs. ***Health insurance and health guarantee with every puppy.

A pictures is worth a thousand words.

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mom_dad_n_pups2.jpg (929244 bytes)Puppys 007.jpg (596419 bytes)sleepy time Doberman puppies n516258909_79534_4355.jpg (64960 bytes)n516258909_79525_2054.jpg (83364 bytes)n516258909_27721_4741.jpg (94848 bytes)n516258909_344752_201.jpg (34150 bytes)

from treo750 024.jpg (496610 bytes)from treo750 043.jpg (204861 bytes)from treo750 020.jpg (503190 bytes)Baywatch Doberman rvz374_29Apr07.jpg (64599 bytes)rvz377_29Apr07.jpg (89235 bytes)n516258909_352233_8789.jpg (79560 bytes)

2005-12-26 07-15-38_0036.JPG (68586 bytes)2006-01-02 01-21-19_0162.JPG (89457 bytes)n516258909_340639_2107.jpg (36454 bytes)2006-01-02 01-31-32_0215.JPG (101595 bytes)IMGP1801.jpg (261924 bytes)SCU_0064.JPG (625699 bytes)

from treo750 084.jpg (287842 bytes)rvz322_05Apr07.jpg (67615 bytes)rvz429_14May07.jpg (89367 bytes)rvz425_14May07.jpg (78437 bytes)Rizla the Lumber jack Doberman rvz426_14May07.jpg (68814 bytes)Untitled-TrueColor-02.jpg (69219 bytes)

IMGP1410.jpg (972022 bytes)mom_dad_n_pups.jpg (1252080 bytes)music loving doberman Untitled-TrueColor-10.jpg (391415 bytes)lap dobermanUntitled-TrueColor-03.jpg (247036 bytes)puppies Desie (7).jpg (375417 bytes)Untitled-TrueColor-07.jpg (201700 bytes)

puppies Desie (4).jpg (274262 bytes)are you looking at me IMGP1047.jpg (989651 bytes)2005-07-19 02-16-44_0009.jpg (667851 bytes)Radar_1.jpg (56412 bytes)IMGP1416.jpg (1675443 bytes)me and a litter of pups.jpg (64040 bytes)

apartmentsDSCF5184.JPG (216270 bytes)apartmentsDSCF5231.JPG (121380 bytes)apartmentsDSCF5260.JPG (200605 bytes)

Our puppies require pre-approval. We don't care how much money you have!


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