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On occasion, we have been invited by Local Television Networks to speak out against puppy mills. Providing tips on how to avoid buying from back yard breeders and puppy mills, as well as the risks of buying a puppy from pet stores and flea markets.


We currently run private lessons. Dobermans Only Please. Our classes are for people who enjoy Dobermans and want a well-mannered family pet. We also offer help to people who are having behavioural challenges with their Dobe.

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Always CKC Registered, Health Tested and Veterinary Certified. Our Guarantee is Exceptional. 


We have been located near the Town of Tottenham since 1971 and CKC Reg'd since 1976. We also plan to stay here at least another 40-50 years. We encourage you and your new puppy to come for visits as often as you wish


You will receive a 100 page Complete Doberman Pinscher Owners & Training Manual with every puppy. Helping you on the way in training, to have beautiful well mannered Doberman.


Getting a puppy's ears to stand properly requires time and commitment on the part of the new owner. If any problems arise it is best to contact us for advice. You are welcome to come back to us for any or all taping requirements.


Always remember this one thing; if the pups ears fall after removal of tape, make sure clean dry and put them right back up the same day. Never let your puppy sleep on un-taped ears.



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