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On occasion, we have been invited by Local Television Networks to speak out against puppy mills. Providing tips on how to avoid buying from back yard breeders and puppy mills, as well as the risks of buying a puppy from pet stores and flea markets.


We currently run private lessons. Dobermans Only Please. Our classes are for people who enjoy Dobermans and want a well-mannered family pet. We also offer help to people who are having behavioural challenges with their Dobe.

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Always CKC Registered, Health Tested and Veterinary Certified. Our Guarantee is Exceptional. 


We have been located near the Town of Tottenham since 1971 and CKC Reg'd since 1976. We also plan to stay here at least another 40-50 years. We encourage you and your new puppy to come for visits as often as you wish


You will receive a 100 page Complete Doberman Pinscher Owners & Training Manual with every puppy. Helping you on the way in training, to have beautiful well mannered Doberman.


Getting a puppy's ears to stand properly requires time and commitment on the part of the new owner. If any problems arise it is best to contact us for advice. You are welcome to come back to us for any or all taping requirements.


Always remember this one thing; if the pups ears fall after removal of tape, make sure clean dry and put them right back up the same day. Never let your puppy sleep on un-taped ears.


Before you can get a puppy you must print, fill in and send us the completed Puppy Application. also available during your appointment.




Stray’s Farm Registered Dobermans Tel:905-880-1777



The seller and breeder of said dog, further described as:

Name:____________Previewing copy only_______________________________

CKC Registration __Previewing copy only_____Litter Registration_________________

Date of Birth:_______________________Color:_____________Sex:_________________

Purchase Price:____________________Payment in ful:   Yes,     No,

Herein after called Buyer is purchasing said dog, further described above:

Buyer:_____Previewing copy only_______Home Phone___Previewing copy only__

                                                             Cell.:_____Previewing copy only_______

                                                             Work:____Previewing copy only____

Address:______Previewing copy only________________________________

City __________Previewing copy only___________________Province__________

Postal Code______Previewing copy only_____

E-Mail:_______Previewing copy only______

A puppy is defined here as a male/female puppy which is in good health at the time of sale and embodies the characteristics of the Doberman Pinscher breed. This contract is non-transferable and it applies only to the original Buyer and Breeder.

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Stray’s Farm Registered Dobermans PUPPY GUARANTEE/CONTRACT Previewing copy only

The Breeder guarantees the above-described dog as being healthy at the time of sale. The Breeder does not assume responsibility for any sickness or injuries appear on the puppy after delivery due to negligence of the Buyer. The Seller assumes no liability for any injuries to said puppy during the shipping process.

The Buyer agrees to have this puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 10 days of delivery. If puppy is found to be in poor health within that 10-day time frame then the Seller will offer a replacement puppy. If the buyer chooses not to have the puppy examined within 10 days, this Guarantee will become null and void and a replacement puppy will not be made available.

The Buyer must present to the breeder written verification from two licensed Veterinarians as to the illness of the puppy prior to replacement. No replacement will be made until such documentation is provided. The Breeder reserves the right to take said puppy to his/her Veterinarian at breeders expence for another opinion before such replacements are made.

The Buyer submits that all documents that were submitted to him/her at the time of sale are to be returned to the Breeder upon return of said puppy. If not returned, buyer will not receive replacement puppy.

The Breeder provides a two years genetic health guarantee. Should the puppy be shown to have a genetic defect or expire from a genetic defect within the first two years of ownership, the Breeder will replace the puppy under the following conditions:

1. The Buyer agrees that should said puppy expire for unknown reasons and Buyer requests another puppy, then an autopsy (necropsy) should be performed on the puppy, by a licensed Veterinarian and a written statement is to be provided to the Breeder with the exact cause of death. If the puppy expired due to negligence of the Breeder, replacement will be provided, as soon as possible, at no extra cost.

2. Puppy will be not replaced or reimbursed if it was under surgery or other Veterinarian treatment using any kind of anaesthetics.

3. If the puppy is found to have a disabling genetic problem, due to the Breeder’s program, within the second year of ownership then a replacement puppy will be provided, as soon as possible, upon written proof from two licensed Veterinarians stating the exact cause of illness.

4. Buyer agrees to return any registration papers from the previous puppy, as well as copies of all veterinary records, to the Breeder before providing a

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Stray’s Farm Registered Dobermans PUPPY GUARANTEE/CONTRACT  Previewing copy only

replacement puppy. This will help us to improve the overall health of the animals produced in our breeding program in the future.

5. Puppy is found to be suffering from a life threatening or life shortening hereditary defect (as certified by two Veterinary specialists in the area of defect), prior to his/hers 2nd birthday. Puppy will be replaced or buyer will be given 40% of its original purchase price, for future purchase of a new puppy from different dam.

The Buyer agrees to maintain the puppies’ health in good condition and to provide all Veterinarian recommended vaccinations, deworming, examinations and other customary procedures necessary to assure the puppy's good health. Breeder strongly recommends that the Buyer bring the puppy to a minimum of a basic obedience class and that the puppy is provided proper socialization opportunities, however, exposure to places where other dogs frequent such as dog parks and pet stores should be limited until all puppy booster vaccinations are complete between 12 and 16 weeks of age and will receive up to date all necessary vaccinations.

Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA)

Blue and Fawn colored Dobermans sometimes suffer from a condition known as Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA). It is a form of follicular dysplasia (FD). The symptoms include bilateral balding that usually starts on the flanks or along the top line and spreading down the back.

Typically, the coat will begin to thin between the ages of one and three years. In severe and rare cases, blue or fawn hairs will fall out. Most often, however, a dog with CDA will end up with a very thin coat along the back and flanks but will not go completely bald. Despite the thin coat, the dog will remain healthy. It is almost always just a cosmetic problem resulting in a varying degree of hair loss.

*Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA) related skin/thyroid problems regarding dilutes (blues and fawns) ARE NOT covered by this health guarantee, however, these problems can be greatly reduced or eliminated totally by keeping your pet on Nu-Vet Plus or other vitamins recommended by veterinary doctor and diet higher on protein and calcium. 

Medical Treatment/Expenses

Under no condition will we replace a puppy where we are not notified of it's being ill within 48 hours. We will require documentation from two of your Veterinarians opinion as well as to speak to them, so please have this information available. We reserve the right to have another opinion at a Veterinarian of our choosing and/or to discuss the matter and the puppies past medical history with your Veterinarian. Breeder assumes no responsibility for and Veterinarian bills.

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Stray’s Farm Registered Dobermans PUPPY GUARANTEE/CONTRACT Previewing copy only


1. Buyer is responsible for all shipping/transportation costs to/from Breeder for original dog and replacement.

2. A replacement pup of equal quality will be given when one is available.

3. Replacements may take up to two (2) years.

4. Replacement dog will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be of comparable quality/value.

5. It is understood that the replacement dog may not be from the same parents as the original puppy.

6. Returned dogs must be shipped prepaid. Otherwise, we will not ship replacement until reimbursed.

7. If Buyer does not want a replacement at particular time, that is their option but no cash refunds will be given!

8. We reserve the right to give a refund rather then replacement if we feel that it is in the dog's best interest.


1. Applicable guarantees will be null and void if the dog has suffered injury, neglect or mistreatment.

2. No replacements will be given if the dog has been euthanised without the Breeder's agreeme

3. Disabling means that the disease effects the dog's quality of life or ability to live a normal life.

4. We do not guarantee size, show quality, or that said puppy would turn out to be a competent breeder.

5. We cannot guarantee that this dog can and will produce live pups as there are many factors that come into play in this matter such as proper handling, physical condition, nature and nutrition.

You in turn will be protecting their future!

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Stray’s Farm Registered Dobermans PUPPY GUARANTEE/CONTRACT Previewing copy only


1. The above terms and conditions apply for a length of two years.

2. The value of the pet for the purpose of this guarantee is solely the original purchase price and does not include any additional prices declared by the Buyer, such as value as show dog, etc. Stray’s Farm Registered Dobermans are sold for companion purposes only.

We make every effort to see that all of the puppies are sound physically and mentally. However, as with all living creatures, there are occasionally defects or health problems. We will guarantee our puppies to be healthy and socialized and that should a health issue arise we will stand behind them, provided contract terms are met.

Venue and jurisdiction for any litigation arising out of or related to this guarantee/contract shall lie exclusively in the Peel County, Ontario.

By signing this contract, I acknowledge that I have read all of the terms and conditions as stated above and agree to abide by this written agreement.

I was well informed about future care of purchased puppy, training and his diet.

I have seen and I am satisfied with care and housing of my and other puppies on these premises, called as “Stray’s Farm Registered Dobermans”.


Buyer's Signature:

____________Previewing copy only________________Date___________


Breeder's Signature:

___________Previewing copy only_________________Date___________


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Stray’s Farm Registered Dobermans PUPPY GUARANTEE/CONTRACT Previewing copy only


Dober Vision


Attention please

If you know of any Dobermans currently in a shelter please take a moment to let DRO know. 416-562-5019


Support Doberman Rescue of Ontario depends on your support for our rescue to exist. Without your help and support DRO would not be able to help find them a new loving home. 


Doberman Rescue is able to provide this invaluable service to the Central Ontario, all thanks to local volunteers and support from the public and local businesses.


Before purchasing a new puppy, you should consider adopting a rescue. Rescues for the most part can make great pets without the puppy stages.


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