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Euro vs Am
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Attention: American Dobermans bred for show may not be of best health, temperament or quality you are looking for in a family pet/protector or companion. ------  American Dobermans may not produce the best of quality pups in terms of health, temperament and longevity.  -----   Proven fact: American Dobes in general suffer from more health related issues than Dobermans of European Bloodlines.  ----   Doberman of European Bloodlines will perform better than the American Doberman.

European vs American Doberman Pinschers

The Doberman was originally created by Karl Fredrich Louis Dobermann during the 1890ís. ( He required a watchful, brave and intelligent dog with character. The Dobermans job was pretty specific by his standard. The Doberman was to be a companion dog as well as personal protector.  

The European Doberman was originally bred to be a working dog. It's larger, taller, more muscular and heavier boned, stronger and much easier to train. Although we have had part American Dobermans, our preference is and always has been Dobermans of European Bloodlines because of better health, size, temperament, power, structure and its ability to be trained easily.

Most Breeders of Registered Dobermans with European Bloodlines have always strived to produce Healthy, Working Dogs that are able to be Loving Loyal Family Pets or Companions with long lives. 

Although European Doberman also can have some health problems, it is not as common. 

European Dobes can live 10-14 years of age.  









The American Doberman was bred more for show/confirmation by breeders and fanciers. Over time it has become a very different type of dog in size, structure and cant be compared by health, and temperament to the original European Doberman. The American Doberman is a beautiful and elegant dog in its sense, because they are typically smaller and shorter over all more finer boned and much lighter.

It is commonly known that some Breeders of American Dobermans focused on show/confirmation, are not contributing to better the breed, because they are focused on beauty rather than health and temperament. American lines have many undesirable characteristics, such as dogs that are small, weak, nervous, shy and scare easy among others.

Over breeding increased hereditary problems in American Dobermans. Here are just a few Hereditary defects that plague the American breed (Gastric Volvulus or (Bloat), Von-Willebrand disease or (vWD), Hypothyroidism, Wobbler syndrome, DCM or (Cardio).

If you can believe it, these dogs are still bred and owners even go for show for the dog to be titled to have a titled dog that is a vWD carrier for breeding. 

American Dobes can live 6-10 years of age.  






European Dobermans or American Dobermans, Which is better?

If your looking for a pet or performance, you know what they say, "GO EURO"!! 

more Info on this subject coming soon 



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