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On occasion, we have been invited by Local Television Networks to speak out against puppy mills. Providing tips on how to avoid buying from back yard breeders and puppy mills, as well as the risks of buying a puppy from pet stores and flea markets.


We currently run private lessons. Dobermans Only Please. Our classes are for people who enjoy Dobermans and want a well-mannered family pet. We also offer help to people who are having behavioural challenges with their Dobe.

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Always CKC Registered, Health Tested and Veterinary Certified. Our Guarantee is Exceptional. 


We have been located near the Town of Tottenham since 1971 and CKC Reg'd since 1976. We also plan to stay here at least another 40-50 years. We encourage you and your new puppy to come for visits as often as you wish


You will receive a 100 page Complete Doberman Pinscher Owners & Training Manual with every puppy. Helping you on the way in training, to have beautiful well mannered Doberman.


Getting a puppy's ears to stand properly requires time and commitment on the part of the new owner. If any problems arise it is best to contact us for advice. You are welcome to come back to us for any or all taping requirements.


Always remember this one thing; if the pups ears fall after removal of tape, make sure clean dry and put them right back up the same day. Never let your puppy sleep on un-taped ears.


Hi Richard,
It has been just over a week since I brought Ruby home and I thought you may want an update on how she is doing.
She gets along well with both Sammi and Copper and is full of energy.  Her tail never stops wagging and she constantly wants to play, even at two in the morning.  I now hide all the squeak toys when I go to bed otherwise she will be squeaking them all night.  She starts off going to to sleep on her bed but when I wake up in the morning there she is on my bed.  She plays well with Sammi, however his knee seem to be bothering him the last couple days, so I am trying to curtail any hard play.
Ruby's profile said she was sneaky, well now I know exactly what you meant.  There was a loaf of bread on the counter that she totally ignored, until that is I went out.  When I came home the plastic bag was at the front door but I still haven't found any bread not even crumbs.  A few days later I made a pasta casserole  and left it on the stove to cool.  When I came home from watching the agility practice the dish was still on the stove but needless to say it was empty.  Sammi has never taken anything from the counter so I know the culprit was Ruby.  This dog must have a cast iron stomach, she didn't get sick or have diarrhea.  Well, I have learned my lesson, never leave anything within her reach or it will be gone.
I took Ruby to the vet for her bordetalla shot and a check-up.  The vet thought she was beautiful and gave her a clean bill of health.
I am considering putting her into agility.  With all the energy she has I think she would do well.  I may take her to one of the classes to see how she does. 
Please keep up the good work you do with these beautiful dogs.  They are so lucky to have someone who cares as much as you do.
Thanks you again for allowing me to adopt both Sammi and Ruby.  They have both made my life complete.  I will keep in touch.


Hi Maria and Richard,

I recently met with a new client who adopted a Dobe puppy from you earlier this year and I felt the need to email you in regards to their pup.

She is a sweet-natured, well-adjusted Doberman, whose owners are absolutely delightful and treat her the way I wish every dog would be treated. As a trainer, I am often called when there is a long list of issues that has compiled over time, but in this case, I was called upon to help guide the owners in a positive direction regarding separation anxiety that had not escalated beyond a mild level. The owners are nipping it in the bud at the first few signs, and upon further observation, I see that they have already put many routines into place in order to prevent behavioural issues and have done a phenomenal job of socializing this pup. 

I am always hard-pressed to find an excellent breeder, but here I know that I have found exactly that. I looked through your website and all the information on your site is amazing, especially for new owners. I was thrilled by all the great tips you provide and the accuracy of the information.

I feel that it's my responsibility as a trainer to reach out and connect with great breeders, and wanted to thank you for providing such incredible care of your pups and excellent service to your clients. While much of the responsibility of a "great dog" comes from the owners and the training they pursue, but much of it also lies with the breeding. Clearly you both know what you're doing, to have brought this "great dog" into the world - it's very apparent when observing her temperament. 

Well done. I know exactly who I'll be recommending to any of my clients who are looking at adopting a Doberman puppy. Heck, in a few years, it might even be me! 

Thanks - 
Caryn Charlie Liles

Professional Dog People-Trainer

Whatta Pup!

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I've been checking your site periodically for some time, and wanted to let you know how saddened I am at the crisis you're currently facing.

I foster for All Breed Canine Rescue in London, but have always had a soft spot for Dobermans, so I often checked you guys out.  In fact, I called about Stella a day or so after she was adopted.  You can imagine my joy and surprise when I met her with her new owner at my local dog park!  She's truly a beauty!

As far as the crap on the chat sites goes, I think you have to just keep saying to yourselves "what goes around, comes around" and maintain your standards of excellence.  People like that get found out eventually - they always do.

Here's hoping for quick and full recovery!

Be good to yourselves,


Barbara Holmes

London Ontario


Hi Richard,
I must apologize for taking so long to express my appreciation for the excellent work you do in rescuing and placing the beloved doberman.  After meeting you, seeing your facility and the dobermans you had available for adoption, it was apparent that you have a great love for the breed. 
The property you have is amazing. Your dogs are not crated or caged but allowed to run free, exercise and play.  I was impressed at the number of heated dog houses on the property, providing shelter from the elements.  To see these dobes come running to you, without hesitation, it was apparent that they have a great fondness for you as well as trust.
Your honesty in describing your rescues was refreshing. You didn't just want to find a home, you wanted to find the right forever home. You allowed me to visit as many times as necessary to ensure that I had a good match for dobe I already owned.  Well, I adopted Sammy, the 145 pound, gentle giant.  He turned out to be the perfect match for not only my 10 year old dobe & 3 year old min pin but me as well. He is such a clown and is truly a velcro dog. He sticks to me like,well,velcro. I couldn't have made a better choice.
Unfortunately, I recently lost my beloved Elsa (my 10 year old dobe) but be rest assured I will be back to see you and hopefully adopt another one of your rescues.  Quite honestly I wouldn't consider going anywhere else to adopt a dobe. The care,training and affection you provide is by far the best. It warms my heart to know that your love for this amazing breed outweighs any need for financial gain. Your only goal is to find forever homes for these beautiful dogs.  Richard, thank you so very much for allowing me to adopt Sammy and please keep up the good work.
See you soon,


Hello Richard,

it was a pleasure meeting you and your mother this past weekend. After seeing your facilities and dogs we felt there is no need to look anywhere else! 

Please find attached our puppy application form. As we discussed we are looking for a puppy in the new year or spring time frame give are take a couple months. 

Let me know if there is anything else that you will require from us and I am sure you will be seeing more of us as we are already wanting to visit and play with your dogs again!

Thien T.


Hi Richard,

A couple of weeks ago our family came to visit your home and to see the puppies.  After viewing the pups my wife was set on finding a black male.  At the time you only had one brown male left.

I am not sure when you are having another litter of pups but how could we go about making a deposit of $300 and going on a list so when the next litter is born we could choose a male?

We loved your family and home and think your dogs are excellent.  I don't have any intentions on looking elsewhere for another dog if I am able to make a deposit on a black male when you have your next litter.

Do you know if and when your next litter will be?

Thanks so much for you time.

Geoff and Kiley


Hi Richard,

I just thought I would drop you a quick note and let you know that Dessy is doing great. She fit right in and Dover (our male Dobe) loves her. They run and play and wrestle all the time. It only took her a couple of days to realize that it was OK to be on the couch and a couple more days to hop on the bed as well. Dessy is already pushing Dover around and keeping him in line. She is a fabulous addition to the family. Thanks so much.



Hi there Maria/Richard....I just wanted to send you a note to keep in touch.  I know you have been very busy....

Lupo is doing very well, much more mature now as the puppy stage is leaving...and she’s a part of our family like she’s always been here. I’m very happy the “puppy” stage is almost past.....although she still gets into mischief whenever she gets bored or wants your attention!  She’s very a loving but assertive way....when she wants your attention.  I swear she thinks she is a “lap dog”.......and is quite happy to climb up and sit on you just to be close to you..and within minutes can be snoring away quite content and unaware of how big and heavy she is!  The closer she can get to us, the happier she seems to be...

She’s 85 pounds, and healthy...and now that summer is here and she can run around the yard, she is solid muscle.  85 pounds of puppy is a challenge, and one that keeps us on our toes, especially when we are walking her.  We made her a nice frost free fenced dog pen outside for daytime when we are at work now that the weather is so nice, and she has plenty of shade/sun and birds to keep her occupied.  It’s an L shaped 6 foot high fence that is 6 feet wide by 15 feet long on one side, and 10 in the other direction with a sun roof......we call it her “condo”...and as you can see she is very spoiled.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I don’t know if she is a good specimen of a Doberman from your litters, but we get compliments all the time and we think she is very pretty and a regal looking girl when she’s walking along side us.

I hope all is well, and you are enjoying this nice weather.  Keep in touch...thanks again.

(and we are so thankful you got her back from those people who originally had Nugget..and gave her to us instead.....)

All the best,

Lorain, Tony, and Anthony


Hi Richard,

So nice to hear from you.

Daisy is an absolute angel.  She is SUCH a good dog that we feel we completely lucked out.

We were up to the cottage for the weekend and my mom is keeping her up there the rest of this week for company…  needless to say I missed my shadow at home last evening.

I cannot tell you how many people comment on not only what a good looking dog she is, but what a sweet temperament she has.  She has become best friends with my sisters cat (my cat is not as welcoming to her yet) In fact, she gets so excited when she sees Kaiser, that she has been known to loose control of her bladder!

She knows sit, stay, come, shake a paw, laydown and leave it (sometimes)  She does not eat or take a treat until I tell her to. She walks well on a leash 80% of the time (until we get close to the park, or it’s time to leave the park) She is a little jumpy, but learning that it is not allowed. She is also very gentle with children. .

Thanks again for checking in and I look forward to keeping you updated on her growth!

All the best, Lindsay


Hi Richard,

It was very nice meeting you today.  Thank you for taking the time to speak to me about my dog, and giving me a tour of your place.  I love your dobermans!  They are very beautiful and very well kept! 

Thanks again,

Hello Maria and Richard

Its been a long time, My name is Melissa Pinto and our family bought a  doberman from you 3 years ago. Duke is  his name and he is a great dog, he is my son Dantes best friend and such a great part of our family, this past August I had another baby which was a boy and Duke cant get enough of him, I'm home on maternity leave and let me tell you he is my shadow. 

I'm so pleased with the temperament of Duke and how wonderful and patient he is with children we call him the gentle giant, he is weighs about 100 pounds and his chest is almost touching the ground. When ever I go out with him I'm stopped and asked where I got him or complemented on ho beautiful he is, or on the other hand I have people crossing the road so they don't have to pass him. 

I took him to training the first year to Mcains dog training, his sister Zena was also in the same class, and funny enough we take him to Jack darling park in Mississauga and one day my husband and I could not stop starring at a beautiful brown doberman we got to talking to the owners and small world its dukes half brother  Phoneix  their father is Radar, but different moms Dukes mom is Zena, so to make a long story short, you and your mother breed  beautiful dogs.   

I would love you to see some pictures of duke, if you want I'm on facebook under Melissa Pinto look me up . Talk soon 


Hi Richard

Im pleased to tell you that everything is going amazingly Jessie is doing very well, she seems very happy with me and her new home, shes gotten over barking at people during the day, but at night she sometimes gets nervous with people on our walks but she is improving all the time, she comes when called sits when told and i couldnt be happier. She is very good with other dogs, all she wants to do is play and she never gets tired! I can now go longboarding with her running so she can really get all here runs out. I took out her staple and stiches very carefully with some toenail clippers once it healed up it was no problem at all for her one bit. The dog college course im taking has been helping out alot to with tips and tricks and just her nature so i can meet her needs, its been alot of work and fun but im so glad shes here with me, and i cant thank you enough.

From Tom Grist  


Niki Dujmic , Toronto, On

It took me a long and hard time to decide on investing in a puppy both financially and emotionally. When I finally made a decision I took another long journey researching different breeders, spending time with them and their dog families. After time spent and deposits gone to waste my heart kept me going back to "THE DOBERMAN" establishment, where I was always welcome with open arms (from both owners and their dogs)

Pups and their parents have their own clean, heated, insulated homes surrounded by fields of immersing myself into their lives until my pup Bono was able to come home with me.

When the time came I actually felt bad taking him from his cosy, spacious and loving environment. How can a condo or house in the city compare to what he has here.

N in like a champ but always loves his trips back to where it all began. We visit every weekend

I accost Maria and Richard with my constant questions or my" new daddy "concerns.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Niki 


November 3rd, 2009

To Whom It May Concern;

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Strays Dobermans in the Tottenham district of Ontario for helping us find our perfect Doberman!

Maria, Richard and Jessica treated us like gold and gave us a tour of their facilities where they both rescue and breed Dobermans.  The place is truly a sanctuary where the dogs are very well treated and in wonderful condition!  And on that note, we wish to DISPEL all these rumours we have seen on the internet about Strays being a 'puppy mill' and full of disease.  As for being a puppy mill, there is absolutely no truth to this!  They have been breeders for well over thirty years and generally only breed one litter annually.  They are also very knowledgeable and discriminate breeders when it comes to bloodlines and do not breed to lines known to carry diseases.  Some of these rumours have come from other people and breeders who have never even been to Strays!  These people should do their homework and see for themselves how unique and accommodating Strays really is!

We have had Dobermans in our lives for twenty years and when recently our lovely spayed female Salem passed away at just over eleven years of age, we were searching for a companion for us and our ten year old neutered male, Zeus.  Both of these dogs we raised from twelve weeks of age, as well as two previous Dobermans.  We had been looking for nearly two months when we stumbled upon Strays' web site and saw  “Bailey” who was up for adoption.  Bailey could almost be Salem's younger sister and has the most beautiful temperament.  On our second visit to Strays we brought along our dog Zeus and even he seemed to take to Bailey.  She is a six year old retired breeding female which is about the age and stature we were hoping for.  She will come to our home after being spayed because she is no longer to be bred.  This is a very good policy because of all 'unwanted' dogs in this world.  And while we considered getting another puppy we felt Zeus needed company more than a chipper youngster who may be too much for him at his age.

We fully recommend Strays Dobermans to ALL the devoted Doberman fans out there!  Please check out their web site and contact them if and when you are contemplating getting a dog, be it a puppy or rescue dog.  In the future our next Doberman will definitely come from Strays and it probably will be a puppy because after seeing theirs the quality is SO SUPERIOR to any others we have seen, why would we go anywhere else?

Yours truly,

Diana & Pat Goemans


Hi Maria,

Thank-you for allowing me to come up and see your beautiful Kennel. I am Craig. I brought my 1.5 year old Doberman to see you 2 weeks ago , so you could take a look at him. I can see that you truly love your beautiful dogs and it was a pleasure to meet your son. I got your message you left and I would appreciate if you sent me the information on the dog trainer.

Thanks, Craig  


Hi Maria/Richard,

We just wanted to thank you for helping us out with Lupo’s ears and your support with Lupo.  We took the tape off Saturday, and today the ears look good, so I don’t think we will need to bring her back anymore for taping..

Anyway, we just wanted to let you know that everything is working out very well, and Lupo has fit into our family easily – and us to her.  She’s a good girl, and a great addition to our family. She’s a hand-full – but she’s a delight!  Who knows, maybe in a year we may want to add another one……….

I hope you enjoy the photo’s.

Thank you again.

Lorain, Tony and Anthony Perri


I want to thank you for your help with my much-loved Caesar with his new family today.  He will now live out his days with a wonderful retired couple on a 100 acre farm near Stratford.  These folks have owned Dobes for many years, seem like patient and loving people and he will never again know the frustration of being tied up or the loneliness of time at home while his owner works.  They have fields and wooded areas on their property and a creek running through it, too.  They live a quiet life & he will have their companionship all day, every day.  They feed their dogs a high quality organic food they purchase locally and even have a couch in their livingroom specifically for their pooch.  It is more than I could have ever wished for him and I would never have been able to offer him these things myself.

I owe you a huge debt of thanks for the service you provide, as without your help this family would never have seen him on your website, met him and taken him into their home and hearts.  The decision to re-home him was not an easy one for me to make and these were not the first people to contact me about him, but having met them and learned what they had to offer my boy, I knew this was the home in which he could thrive and grow into the beautiful and loyal companion he was meant to be.

Cheers to you and the wonderful work you do. 
Thank you always,
Kathy Peters & family



Very sorry to hear they are slandering another good breeder. I'm getting used to it. LOL It wouldn't matter what I did these people will pick on me and you. Over the last 28 years I have been breeding with my family and strive to produce happy, healthy family pets for people. It's impossible to make everyone happy no matter how hard I try.  My suggestions is to forget them and continue to strive for healthy, beautiful, well tempered dogs that make the dog and buyer happy.

Heather L. Maring & Kathy Cramer


more to come :) 


We have direct imports and offspring of European bloodlines.

The ear cropping is done by 400 and Rutherford road animal hospital. Yes you can choose a style or even keep them uncropped.

All our dogs have great Health, Temperament and Disposition, make excellent loyal family pets and naturally protective.

All our puppies are CKC registered, Vet checked and born from health-tested parents. Ears cropped, Tails docked, Dew-claws removed, Tattooed, Microchiped, First and Second shots, De-worming. Health insurance and health guarantee with every puppy.

You will also receive a 95 page Complete Doberman Pinscher Owners & Training Manual, helping you on the way in training to have beautiful well mannered Doberman.

We are located near Tottenham and have been here since 1971 and CKC registered since 1976. We welcome anyone to visit with us and our Doberman family.


Richard Z


Dober Vision


Attention please

If you know of any Dobermans currently in a shelter please take a moment to let DRO know. 416-562-5019


Support Doberman Rescue of Ontario depends on your support for our rescue to exist. Without your help and support DRO would not be able to help find them a new loving home. 


Doberman Rescue is able to provide this invaluable service to the Central Ontario, all thanks to local volunteers and support from the public and local businesses.


Before purchasing a new puppy, you should consider adopting a rescue. Rescues for the most part can make great pets without the puppy stages.


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