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On occasion, we have been invited by Local Television Networks to speak out against puppy mills. Providing tips on how to avoid buying from back yard breeders and puppy mills, as well as the risks of buying a puppy from pet stores and flea markets.


We currently run private lessons. Dobermans Only Please. Our classes are for people who enjoy Dobermans and want a well-mannered family pet. We also offer help to people who are having behavioural challenges with their Dobe.

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Always CKC Registered, Health Tested and Veterinary Certified. Our Guarantee is Exceptional. 


We have been located near the Town of Tottenham since 1971 and CKC Reg'd since 1976. We also plan to stay here at least another 40-50 years. We encourage you and your new puppy to come for visits as often as you wish


You will receive a 100 page Complete Doberman Pinscher Owners & Training Manual with every puppy. Helping you on the way in training, to have beautiful well mannered Doberman.


Getting a puppy's ears to stand properly requires time and commitment on the part of the new owner. If any problems arise it is best to contact us for advice. You are welcome to come back to us for any or all taping requirements.


Always remember this one thing; if the pups ears fall after removal of tape, make sure clean dry and put them right back up the same day. Never let your puppy sleep on un-taped ears.


If you wish to make a sound decision Itís highly recommended that visit All Breeders in your area and make the choice through your own observations, rather than hearsay or the recommendations or un-backed claims of faceless people in chat forums etc.

Things you should know when looking and before you buy a puppy  

One important thing you should know. A puppy is not by any means a toy that you can try out and then return to the store. You must be prepared to make a commitment to your new family member for the rest of its natural life. When purchasing a dog, people should understand that it will and should be considered a family member and treated as such. Spoiling your dog is just fine, but they all need training and proper discipline and very importantly, never never never hit your dog

You always want to buy a dog from a Experienced, CKC registered breeder who is willing invite you to see where the dogs and puppies are kept, and to share all related information with you. Registered breeders are people who follow specific rules and guidelines when breeding and raising puppies. 

**Warning very important info about Deposits.  A payment given as a guarantee, that an obligation will be met. The obligation is on both parties. The breeder should expect a commitment on your part and you should expect a healthy puppy in return. Not a maybe. Your deposit should always be safe. You should by any means get your deposit back. A partial payment made at the time of purchase; the balance to be paid later. A payment should only be made at the time of choice and when you can actually see your puppy. Never give deposits or down payment on puppies you canít see or have never seen. It should not mean that you are or will be out money or your deposit will not be returned if your breeder claims a false pregnancy etc.  In this case you should reclaim your entire deposit or down payment since the breeder did not hold up their part of the commitment of providing a healthy puppy. You should not have to wait for the next litter. Never sign anything stating that you deposit or partial deposit will not be returned.

Registered breeders will only breed to other sound registered unrelated dogs that have a clean background when it comes to health and temperaments. Reputable breeders Never use breeding as a supplement to an income or a means to acquire wealth or extra money. 

Always ask them how many years Experience do they have? How many full littler deaths or singleton puppies have they had, if any? Are they breeding to or with vWD carrier Dobermans? Do their dogs have a history of cardio, hip, blood, spine, temperament or any other health related issues?

Reputable breeders do not use their home and place of residents as a kennel. Reputable breeders have large fenced facilities (kennels) in the country side to suit their Dobermans needs, not subdivision back yards.  

When purchasing a puppy/dog you need to do some research to find the right breeder, and not just any ad you find from a non-registered breeder for a few hundred dollars. These ads are from back yard breeders and are just out to sell a puppy to make a quick buck. Dogs that are purchased this way may already have many potential problems (health problems, cleanliness, behavioural and temperament issues) right from the get go, which is passed on from parents or how the puppies were treated and raised prier to finding a new home. Undesired health and behaviour can be passed on to their puppies.

Breeders who keep all 10 of their dogs as well as pups caged, in a room of a house or garage are considered (BYB) back yard breeders or Greeders. Imagine the mess of 10 large animals living in a house, plus puppies as well. You would have to have at least 10,000 square foot house. Healthy dogs need to play, run, exercise and have the room to be dogs. A house is a house, not a kennel.

You always want to see both parents and how they behave and interact with (not leashed) you and the pups together. You should without problem be able to interact with pups and parents at the same time. Not on a leash or locked up in a cage. If not, what is the real reason? Big question mark?

Look around and observe the order of everything. Is the kennel a mess with poop and pee everywhere or are the pups already trained. By 6-7 week of age to do their business in one place as not to make a mess of their area?!

Do the puppies have a large place to play and be puppies at all times? Are the puppies locked up in a cage by themselves in the house or garage at all times or until the time you are there to view them? Not a good sign.

Are they scared of people, sudden movement and noises? Puppies should not be afraid of you and should want to come see you and have you touch them and or hold them without any problem. Puppies should not be afraid of sudden movements or laud noises. Does it have a good temperament?"

By 8 weeks of age, your puppy should already be partially trained and on it's way to be a well behaved companion. It should come when called. Your pup should already be introduced and know some of commands such as; sit, stay, No, no jump, no bite, take it, as well as be trained to do their business in one area only.  Your breeder does all of this training before you pick your puppy up.  

All reputable breeders offer a guarantee against genetic health problems; explain that is not a promise of absolute health, but offer info about what will happen if a problem may arise? How many years guarantee? two years is minimal.

Attention: American Dobermans bred for show may not be of best health, temperament or quality you are looking for in a family pet/protector or companion and may not produce the best of quality pups. American Dobes in general suffer from more health and temperament related issues than their European counterpart. Proven fact.

If you wish to make a sound decision Itís highly recommended that visit All Breeders in your area and make the choice through your own observations, rather than hearsay or the recommendations or un-backed claims by faceless people in chat forums etc.

Will the breeder be available to offer advice and support by phone or in person for as long as you have the dog? The breeder should believe It is important to keep in contact with puppy owners to ensure the success in producing a healthy dog with a good temperament and follow up on the dog as it ages?

Ask them if you get: Training information in writing, Feeding instruction and perhaps starting kit, Health record and information about future veterinarian care, copy of CKC registration (Proof of health and pure bred Doberman Pinscher), ability to call breeder if help needed, can you possibly bring your puppy for boarding if your holiday is coming up or due to unexpected travel.  

It seems that everyone loves their puppy until he or she is not a puppy any more or starts to develop bad habits due to lack of or improper training techniques. These dogs end up in shelters someplace or worse and if lucky they can end up here in our Doberman specific rescue and sanctuary .   

Please always remember: itís easier to change a behaviour before it becomes a habit.


Dober Vision


Attention please

If you know of any Dobermans currently in a shelter please take a moment to let DRO know. 416-562-5019


Support Doberman Rescue of Ontario depends on your support for our rescue to exist. Without your help and support DRO would not be able to help find them a new loving home. 


Doberman Rescue is able to provide this invaluable service to the Central Ontario, all thanks to local volunteers and support from the public and local businesses.


Before purchasing a new puppy, you should consider adopting a rescue. Rescues for the most part can make great pets without the puppy stages.


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